Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reasons Why We Love Grandma

1. She plays with us
2. She reads to us
3. She gets up really early in the morning and plays with us when mommy usually wants us to go back to bed
4. She lets mommy get some extra sleep, which really seems to make mommy happy
5. She's the best Grandma ever!

My mom came back with us for the week after we were in Michigan.  It's so nice having another pair of hands around during the day (and a third pair of hands around at night so we can have dinner before 10 pm).  My mom also got to experience a day in my life because I travelled to Missouri for one day for work, and she stayed home with the girls.  She did very well, but she was pretty exhausted by the time Wei-Yand came home from work.

Not only do I love having my mom around, but so do the girls!  Tannah is on the left, and Harper is on the right in all of the pictures below.  They are all so beautiful!

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